Need to collaborate on files between 10 Edit suites?

Try Dropbox. It’s a front-end to the Amazon S3 file cloud storage service. You install a sync application on every system that you want to sync. There is a specific folder that gets synced automatically whenever a file gets changed. In addition to being accessible to everyone with the app installed, there is a web interface so that people on the outside can be given access to the files. On top of that, there is version control, so you can roll back to previous versions without too much pain.

We use it here, to sync all of our Final Cut Pro project files across 10 edit suites. We’ve been using it for 6+ months and it really works. The most beautiful part is that you almost don’t have to think about it once it is installed.


We have the sync application installed on everyone of our edit systems. Each room gets it’s own folder on Dropbox and then, throughout the day, as people save their work it gets sent up to the cloud and then brought back down to all the other systems in the building.

Add each suites’ TimeMachine backup to the mix and we have nearly infinite backups, all running automatically.

It’s beautiful when a system this complicated just works.

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