Meet the Zipinator!

Also known as Zippy…

Ben and his New 2009 Honda Fit

Not related to new media production, unless you count getting me to work! It’ s my brand new 2009 Honda Fit! I know buying used is the “better, more economical” way to go, but I like getting a new car! I know who puts all the miles on it, & since I can’t quite afford (or find) a new hybrid or the fully-electric Mini Cooper I drool over ($57,000!?!). This will do. At 31 miles to the gallon it should cut my fuel costs almost in half. Besides, if it’s anything like the little green Subaru I had previously, I will drive it for 10+ years, until it dies. Sad little Subaru, I will miss that little car (going to donate it, in case you’re wondering – needs some work). Here’s a picture of GreenStar:

The Fit isn’t that much smaller than the Impreza. I didn’t realize how small the Subaru really is. What’s more the Fit is really big on the inside. You do not feel as though you are in a tiny car. It rides surprisingly smooth, although it is a little loud at higher speeds. It has great cargo space. And would make a really cool little production vehicle (Interior pics to come).

Off to drive it around some more…me and Zippy will see you around DC sometime…

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