Soon we won’t have to think about which shots to choose…

This work from GRAIL (Graphics and Imaging Lab @ Washington University) shows what’s coming on the horizon for image compositing for visual media:

…It’s all very exciting. I really wonder, though how idiot-proof can they make this? We are having some difficulty getting a professional crew to give us a few simple elements to be able to create a before & after graphic for a DIY show, so it will be interesting to see how this technology will be developed into a commercial product. The real problem with any of these auto-magical software solutions is that when applying them to a real-world project, they don’t offer enough flexibility to be used (not enought tweakability, or being forced to use it the only way it comes out of the software).

Here are a few other videos I’ve seen recently that show off some near-future advancements that will surely impact new media production – both pro and amateur.

Interactive Video Cutout – ADDED 12SEP08 because it’s so cool

Improved Seam Carving for Video Retargeting

Pendulum Studios – Alter Ego Face Animation Retargeting Demo

{Thanks to Jon Miles @ CableChow for posting the GRAIL video}

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