4 years of pushing buttons…

I am doing some behind the scenes work on the buttonpusher.tv site & something dawned on me: In a little over a month, my little corner of the Interweb will have it’s fourth anniversary. Four year! My posting has been pretty spotty, I’ll admit. I want to get a little more consistent – if my freakin’ work-a-day life would get out of the way, I could. The problem I find is that I get hip deep in the stuff I’m doing & then a post idea comes along and by the time I get a chance to sit down and write a little something it’s late or I don’t want too or that urge-to-share has passed.

4 years, though, that’s a lifetime or two in the online world. It’s also a goodly stretch of time in the world of Media Production. When I started, Final Cut HD had just come out earlier that year (version 4.5…shudder). The Final Cut Production Suite was released in August ’04. P2 was just a rumor and the Red Camera was just a twinkle in the eye of the Oakley Sunglasses’ founder. YouTube! and it’s peers hadn’t taken over all the Internet bandwidth as Limewire handed it’s mantle over to BitTorrent (et al). And all these Social Networking sites had yet to come into their own.

Personally, I started buttonpusher.tv as way to share my knowledge of things from the trenches & frontlines of production in the world of New Media. Sadly, by the end of 2005, our production company Howard Media Works, had to close it’s doors – 3 major projects imploded & we just didn’t have the financial backing to weather going from a low 6-digit revenue to zero. Looking back, I’m somewhat relieved to have faced that crisis when I did. I had only a little bit of gear at the time. all of it Standard Def, it would have been a difficult pill to swallow having to dump all that gear and transition into HD before the industry settled a little. While I like working with all the gear I have here at NAHB, I don’t like being on the Upgrade Rollercoaster.

So that leads me to the future, the industry is still going strong. There’s plenty to post about. I’m still busy as ever, but I want to get more chances to post – even if it’s small stuff. So look forward to more posts & maybe I can start podcasting again…Stay Tuned & thanks for reading for the last 4 years.

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