What’s in the Air?

Here’s my prediction for the hubbub surrounding the impending MacWorld Keynote:picture-1x400.png

What’s in the Air? Quite simply, Change.

I predict that Steve Jobs will announce that Apple will be splitting into two companies – a computer software/hardware company & a consumer electronics company. Everyone is all a-twitter about a new sub-notebook computer, but I don’t think it is going to be that. Apple is too spread out now – for their own design-oriented view of a simple, clutter-free world.

They are a company going in too many directions. Microsoft can do the same thing because they have done it from the very beginning. M$ gobbles up companies then re-brands the IP as M$ without really changing the product. Apple has gobbled up companies or IP and then re-engineered or re-worked the product as an Apple product (i.e.-FCP, Shake, AppleWorks, Coverflow, etc.) adding layers of complexity – not always for the better. In my recent dealings with Apple employees on a macro level, they are severely lacking in the humility area (no surprise there) and they really don’t understand the concept of not talking trash another division of their own company. See, that’s another thing that doesn’t bode well for Apple staying whole – they have divisions that are in direct competition with each other. In my case, Apple Enterprise vs. Apple Professional Broadcast Channel.

They would be better off to split into two parts. Apple, Inc. goes back to handling computer hardware and software. And a new company takes iTunes and all it’s supporting characters out to compete in the marketplace. Hell, based on this post at Gizmodo, they might even announce that they are entering a partnership with Braun to tap into it’s established cred in the consumer world.

That’s my prediction…we’ll see…

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