Where’s that file?

Based on my previous post Going to Drive Town…, you know I deal with a large number of external firewire drives. The big problem with having so many drives is keeping track of what is on all of them and finding a file or two that exists somewhere in the mess…I needed a way to catalog what is on the disk and then be able to search it and track down where things are…enter FileFinder.

An OSX app for cataloging what’s on multiple disks and then creating a database of all those files. After you have disconnected all those drives, you can still search for files and then connect only the drive you need.

I think of it as a verrry cheap, verrrry simple Digital Asset Management tool. But what helps it’s effectiveness is that it doesn’t take very much effort to get the metadata into the database – connect drive and scan it. Check it out if you need to keep track of data across multiple drives (it’ll will even handle data CDs & DVDs too).

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