Digital Tech Guru @ NAB Today

I think the name of this set of sessions was slightly mis-named. From the content of the sessions, I wouldn’t have used the term “Guru.” Maybe “Expert” would have been a better choice.

The best part came midday, hearing James Thomas speak about his work editing Borat & working with Sasha Baron Cohen. It was a very interesting talk – hearing about the process and how he pulled all these bits of humor out of 450 hours of footage. I got the sense that in spite of the very real reactions Borat/Cohen solicits from his unwitting subjects (Pamela Anderson didn’t know what was going to happen to her, for instance), Cohen has calculated these events for maximum effect.


I wish the rest of the day was as rewarding. It started with a session on SANs and strategies in managing “enormous projects.” Unfortunately the session really was a very introductory-type session. If the session description had ended with the sentence: “If you have already done the research for a SAN solution for your own facility, then you probably don’t need to come.”

The other sessions were fairly mundane. I took some notes and got a few useful bits out of the
“Signal Flow” and “Creating the Ideal Machine Room” sessions. The Maintenance session was OK, but I didn’t get too much new out of it. And finally, the Video Monitoring session was basically an overview if some of the latest monitor technologies, but missed the mark on several points. There were grammatical errors & some factual mis-statements on the PowerPoint – that took away from the credibility of the speaker. It just wasn’t all that it could have been, in my opinion. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little more informative.

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