So maybe you’re an experienced Avid editor who wonders what all the fuss about FCP is. Or maybe you’re just interested in how to go about learning FCP – to add another tool to your arsenal. Check out this new site: Avid2FCP

This little bit from a forum post says it all about this site: “This site isn’t so much about convincing people to switch but more on helping Avid editors who are currently using FCP. There’s not reason for you to switch if you don’t want to. Just like no one will be able to convince you to switch if you don’t want to.”

I’m a firm believer in the application-as-tool philosphy. I know both systems and, before taking a staff position, have routinely jumped back and forth since 2001-2. I was skeptical at first, but quickly came to realize that FCP is just another application – another tool in the kit.

Seen on editblog.

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