Some things I learned this week…

I’m going to try something – A little log if you will of stuff I learned this week, stuff I didn’t know before this week. I’m going to keep track of it through the week and try and add pertinent links and other info before I post this. These aren’t (for the most part) things I learned from reading other blog posts, just stuff I’ve learned from what I encounter as I go about my days.

  • A Sony HDW-M2000 HDCAM deck can’t handle 720P…at least not that I can figure out…
  • A MacPro has this really cool utility to configure how much data can shoved through the PCIe bus to your expansion cards. Find out more here.
  • It is really easy to screw up audio tracks on a master. Somebody left a 2-second chunk of sync dialog on a Music & Effects track. Of course, I found out it needed to be fixed the day after I deleted the online media. DOH! Now we are making AIFF’s of each channel as part of our archival process after each online is completed.
  • A 4-drive SATA array is really fast!…when it’s empty. I put one of these into one of these. 2x250GB Drives & 4x500GB Drives later, I have a 4-drive, 1.8TB array that seems pretty fast. Here’s what Blackmagic’s Disk Test app has to say about that when empty:


    And then I filled the drive almost completely:


    Once you start getting data on the drives it slows down. Still fast enough for SD-NTSC though…we’ll see what happens when we start working with DVCPRO-HD 720p stuff on it later this year.

  • When recording a Movie via firewire inputs, Quicktime Pro records audio out of sync with the video. This used to work correctly – I know it did. Gonna have to get a audio delay to do some tests.
  • I moved up from being the Newest Guy at Work a few notches. Several of my colleagues at the office are heading out for new jobs…but they’re all leaving the first 2 weeks of January!
  • Flip 4 Mac compresses faster than Quicktime. I guess after thinking about this, it makes sense. H.264 takes longer per frame to compress than Windows Media 1-pass VBR. Now I gotta do some tests to see if QT MPEG4 or Sorenson 3 is any faster.
  • My slug copy for our Realscreen program ad made it into the final ad. I never thought it would be used, but they liked it & pretty much left it as I wrote it…maybe I’ve learned something in this career of mine…

Even when it seems like a bad week, it can still turn out pretty good…

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