Sony HDR-FX1

What has 3 1/3 -inch, 1.2 MP CCD’s?
Records 1080i at 60 fps?
And is expected to sell for less than $4k?

Sony’s first entry into HDV (that’s HD recorded on a miniDV tape), the just announced HDR-FX1. Sure it’ll be great at some things(HD for under $4k?!?) and suck at others (fake progressive scan), but how cool is this overall?

Read all about at
or if you know Japanese, here’s the Press Release

…finally a niche…

I’ve never thought of it before, but I do have something about which I can share my knowledge. The whole weblog revolution has been swirling around me. I always looked at these sites that are covering technology, but thought I had missed the opportunity to get in on something that isn’t already being done. I thought there wasn’t a subject about which I could intellegently and with knowledge speak to – but there is: reports from the front lines of the ever-changing world of media production.

I own Howard Media Works. I live and breathe this stuff.

I’m always on the lookout to bring new technologies to bear on this industry and bringing out new workflows and ideas, all geared towards making a higher-quality product more affordable. That’s what this is all about and what I hope to publish here. I’m not sure where this will go or how it will evolve, but I’ve been looking for a venue to flex my creative muscle a little lately and ButtonPusher could be that Thing.

Stay tuned for further developments.