$10 Motion Templates

I’m looking for inspiration for a design project I have to do this week & I came across these HD Motion Templates.


motionVFX is a boutique website dealing in Stock photos and HD Motion Templates. Their work looks good and I wish I were working in 24fps because I could probably use them more often…maybe in the future, but at $10 a pop, it certainly is going to help more than a few folks get something nice looking for little expense.

At that price, it’s almost worth it just to get them and look under the hood of how they are created, just to learn a little more about Motion and how to get it do some interesting stuff.

for the techies…

HD For Indies is a very in-depth and seemingly well-researched blog for those interested in pulling off high-definition in a independent manner…read: cheaply (all things considered).

I’m in the process of going back and reading all the archived posts. I’m impressed by this author’s prolific writings. I like his style and the content, while dangerously close to boring anyone but the most knowledgeable, tech-head, has some wit about it. Kudos to a job well-done & keep up the good work.

There are nuggets in here. It’s worth a read or a link in your RSS/News Reader.

Sony HDR-FX1

What has 3 1/3 -inch, 1.2 MP CCD’s?
Records 1080i at 60 fps?
And is expected to sell for less than $4k?

Sony’s first entry into HDV (that’s HD recorded on a miniDV tape), the just announced HDR-FX1. Sure it’ll be great at some things(HD for under $4k?!?) and suck at others (fake progressive scan), but how cool is this overall?

Read all about at Camcorderinfo.com
or if you know Japanese, here’s the Press Release