If, after Picture Lock, you lengthen every bump in your show and then remove content from the body of your show so that the Cut-To-Clock is the correct TRT…

…the Seamless will now be short…

(This is a note for myself as much as any well-intentioned producer out there. Sigh.)

Keyboards, gamepads, trackballs, & macropads galore!

This is most of my current collection of computer input devices. As an editor and motion graphic designer, I’m on the constant look out for things that might make my interactions with my computers and the various applications I use daily, more efficient. It’s not just about finding shortcuts, though. Shortcuts have their place but knowing when to use them and why you need them is actually a much harder task than it appears at first glance.

I’m a systems guy. I love to find and use systems that make a difference for me. I put a lot of thought and energy into trying different things and ways of approaching problems. I’m constantly searching out new devices or new ways of interacting with existing devices. This goes way beyond finding all the best shortcuts.

Over the next few weeks, I’m planning a series of posts about a variety of subjects in the realm of input devices for post-production. I’ll cover purpose built devices like Black Magic Design’s Mini Control Surface for DaVinci Resolve or the devices like Contour Design’s Shuttle line (2 of them up there). I’ll delve into using gamepad devices, like that Logitech G13 up there. I’ll discuss a few applications that you can use to automate your interactions with the computer and how you can use them to build macros that can condense a series of keystrokes, mouse moves & clicks into a elegant single key press – saving you time and wear and tear on those fingers of yours. Also, I will share my experiences (thus far) into the world mechanical & programmable keyboards. It has been very interesting as I have been introduced to this world. I’ve even built 3 of the keyboard/macropad devices up there – and I’ve got more on the way.

And speaking of customizable macropads, the culmination of these articles will be a presentation of a scheme I’ve worked up for using these kinds of devices and my philosophy behind making them work for me – instead of me struggling to figure how to work with an awkward set of tools.

Stay tuned. I think it will be interesting.

Happy 120th Sergei!

One of the very first times I learned about this craft called film editing was the day I learned about Battleship Potemkin. Today marks the 120th birthday of the genius behind that and so very much more. Google celebrates the day with a doodle in his honor today.

Maybe we all would have gotten somewhere close to where we are today without him, but I don’t think so.

Happy Birthday, Sergei!