FCP-X: And the Uncertainty deepens…

Late last night, as I finished the previous post, a link to this little discussion popped up on my Twitter Feed. Here’s the original message from the thread:

I took a shot in the dark and sent an email to Randy Ubillos, the designer of FCP X.

I don’t want to share it all, but I did ask about using FCP 7 projects in FCP X and here was his reply:

“FCP7 projects do not have enough information in them to properly translate to FCPX (in FCP7 all of the clip connections live in the editor’s head, not in the timeline). We never expected anyone to switch editing software in the middle of a project, so project migration was not a priority.

Final Cut Pro X 1.0 is the beginning of a road, not the end.”

So, there you have it. This was never a goal of theirs and it is not coming in the future.

Excuse me, while I go weep quietly in the corner.

First of all, if someone got any kind of response out of Apple about this, while the uproar is still going on, I would hope they’d share it all with the world. Apple being tight-lipped about this is part of the problem.

Secondly, and this is the scary bit for me. If an FCP7 project does “not have enough information in them to properly translate to FCPX,” then I think it shows us that XML import from FCP7 is not likely to contain enough to be viable – an XML from FCP7 wouldn’t contain more info. But, think about it for a second, if what is needed to import into FCP-X is more info than an FCP7 project contains, then I think we may have to rule out importing EDLs or OMFs from other apps. This may be more telling as to how FCP-X works (& won’t work) with interactions between other applications.

Oh dear. Maybe Randy U. would like to clarify this?


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