Parts fail…just didn’t want this one to

These things fail, I understand that. It’s just the timing of that failure almost never works in your favor.

This morning one of these failed on my 46TB SAN. I have now discovered two things: 1) A $100 part that fails can be just as devastating as a $100,000 part failing. 2) I need more redundancy and spares (especially more of these SFP’s!).

I was able to find a temporary spare that will allow us to continue working until the warranty replacement arrives, but if I didn’t have that one extra SFP to swap with the bad one, we would have had to take 10 edit suites down until FedEx arrived tomorrow morning. Gulp.

…shaking it off like a cartoon character after getting bonked in the head…YiYiYiYiYi…sigh

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