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This has been a looonng time in the works. These are some shows I was involved with back in U. of Maryland in College Park. I recently stumbled across the 3/4″ masters and since I have a 3/4″ machine with TBC tied into my facility, I thought I’d give it a little workout. I’ll be transferring more as time goes by, but here are the first round of clips and shows. I’ll be adding to the content surrounding the show and the cast of players as I discover more news about them.

NiteLife U. Logo

More on the show and links to clips after the jump…


Show #1

Almost the start of it all. There is a pilot episode that preceeds this, but I’m not sure I want to sully the good reps of those who appear in it, by making it available – it was that baaaad. This show is a vast improvement. Tucker Foreman is the host. The theme was composed, performed & produced by Neal Johnson. And a cast of others helped make it all possible.

The full show can be seen here:

Kops in College Park Segment here:

Erasable Inc. Segement here:

Show #3

There wasn’t a show #2 produced (at least not that I’m aware of & I was the Executive Producer!) Show #3 is a collaboration between NiteLife U. and the improv comedy troupe that lived at Maryland – Erasable Inc. It was created just after (or during) the first Gulf War in Iraq and we were all growing weary of the endless live news break ins to report all the different aspects of the conflict.

Watch show #3 here:

A few other segments from Show #3:

Burping with Finch

PMS Spoof Ad

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