What to do with all those images…

So you’ve got a ton of images to get on the screen…you could go the old-fashioned route of editing each one onto a timeline (by hand!)…but that’s sooo 2006…Try these nifty new alternatives:

Animoto will do all the work for you…and I mean all the work. You pick the images, you pick the music, upload everything and then Animoto will put it all together for you. 30-second clips are free. $3 allows you to make a full-length video. $30 a year gets you an All-Access pass to make as many as you want…What’s missing? The ability to download the videos in anything approaching full-size video (it seems like it is coming, but we’ll see how much that costs…). Here’s a clip I threw together in literally 2 minutes from a bunch of images in my desktop wallpaper folder and some of their music.

Coremelt’s ImageFlow/FX gives you the ability to throw that group of images onto a timeline in FCP and then really do something with them. Check out the Demo Reel or Check out Scott Simmons’ review of the plugin. At $99 US, it’s a good deal if you have to slam together countless images for those awards presentations or just get a bunch of stuff on the screen without a whole lot of effort.

SugarFX has several motion graphic templates for FCP that are worth looking at as well.

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