The Daily Experiment

I’m going to try an experiment. ..just an exercise for me, really…I’m going to try posting something, anything once a day for a week. I’ll actually try for the whole month of Sept., but I’m going to start with a week – til next friday.

I have no real sense of how many people read what I post here, but I need to work on getting more disciplined about my writing (both on & off the blog) so I’ll try to post something once a day. That seems reasonable.

My other reason is to create a bit of an open journal about the process I’m going through at my new job. As Director of Post-Production, I manage 8 edit suites and how work flows through them. When I started 3 weeks ago, we were in the middle of concurrent production and post-production on three series. I have to get up-to-speed on the technical capabilities of the system very quickly. I serve as the primary technical support for the suites on a daily basis. As Director, I also have the task of planning the future direction of the facility. The future, as you can guess, is HD, so my writing here may also serve as a document of the upgrade process. Maybe it will be of some use to someone else who faces a similar prospect.

Cheers & Happy reading!

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