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Always the glutton for more info about our industry (and met up with a freelance gig that has me commuting 2 hours a day) I’ve been listening to podcasts…more podcasts than I’d like to admit. In addition to the regulars, standards and finding some new music, I’ve been listening to shows that report about our industry.

Here are 3 shows I’ve listened to:

The DV Show – Very slick production and decent info. I’d like to hear them do a little less reading press releases and more expository in their own words.
DV Guys – These guys have been around for a long time (5 years or so – an Internet lifetime or 2). They stream the show live as well as make it available as a Podcast – bitrate’s a little low, but it contains a volume of info regarding news, releases, and tips for how to do things or fix things in your little corner of the world.
Pixelriffic – Only heard one of these, good-quality sound though. It was aimed at more of a newbie audience so I can’t quite attest to the usefulness of the info, time will tell.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of DV Guys – indeed, DV Guys interviewed over 350 people from NAB 2000 to NAB 2005, where we did 6 hours of live shows right off the show floor.

    This week DV Guys relaunches as “Digital Production BuZZ” with a tighter format, a focus a bit broader than just DV and, yes, a higher bitrate. With podcasting prevalant we don’t think anyone’s listening on dialup modem any more (the reason for the low bitrate). Listeners can get their questions answered in the “Pick our Brain” segment, live by phone or chat, or by emailing me ahead philip@DigitalProductionBuZZ.com. The transition from DV Guys should be seamless even for the podcast listeners.

    Cheers, and thanks again
    Philip Hodgetts
    Former DV Guy, now Chief BuZZmeister!

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