Digital Heaven

Digital Heaven is a UK company that is developing a set of tools that may be helpful to some of us.

MultiCam Lite is the first multicam editing solution for FCP system. Using XML to import & export sequences it could add a much needed feature to FCP suites.

EDL Mirror solves the problem of getting a clean list for color-correction or shot logging of a master by clone the Record In/Out columns to the Source In/Out Columns, but removes all the speed changed edits, etc.

FCP Plugins offer about 10 different plugins. 2 that interest me are DH_LegalText – make sure those disclaimers are the right heighth & DH_WhipPan – just for an alternative to the dissolve.

(Via HDForIndies.)

Reel Stream

The “streams are converging”…

I think with this device, you could set up a sweet uncompressed camera rig for about $10k…here’s a snippet from the site:

Reel Stream: “The RealStream Andromeda is a digital capture system designed to be installed on a variety of digital video cameras. With this system installed, the full capability of the camera’s hardware is used to produce the maximum quality video. The nature of this process allows for video capture without degradation of data.”

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